FirstChoice guides you in articulating the frame of "Statement of Work".

We overtake or get involved in your project management for process & knowledge areas as;

Integration ManagementScope Management & Time ManagementProject Cost Management• Cost Estimating• Cost Budgeting• Cost Control Quality ManagementHuman Resource Management• Team Building Risk Management• Risk Identification• Risk Monitoring and Control Procurement Management• Purchase  & Contracting• Selection of Suppliers

Our project management journey starts  with providing critical success factors as clear statement of requirements, proper planning and ends up with well- organized execution. Initiating, Planning, Executing, Controlling and Closing are 5 key processing steps we take.In order to meet or exceed stakeholder’s needs and expectations from a project, we share our experience in application of knowledge, skills, tools, techniques. We strive  and streamline  your  Goals  by monitoring fundemental constrains:• Right Timing & Place• Cost• Performance