"Business is a process not an event"

Are you interested in the RUN & RACE to grow your Business?so, "How are you going to make money to grow?"

FirstChoice, will focus on finding out new opportunities to grow your business.

We will lead you to new ways & concepts of doing business in order to obtain the revenue projected in your Business Plan.

"We merge your desire business with our professioncy to formulate them into a Business Modellling"

  • We will analyze who will be your KEY PARTNERS, what they will perform and supply for you to strengthen the chain to reduce uncertainity.
  • We will find out which KEY ACTIVITIES you have or need to provide the value you want to deliver to the customer.
  • We will investigate what KEY RESOURCES your businees requires?
  • We will fill in the blanks to a better  CUSTOMER RELATIONS.
  • We will figure out what are and will be your CHANNELS to reach the target Customer.
  • We will work on Identifying your CUSTOMER Segment.

Our FOCUS Points to clarify your Business MODEL

COST STRUCTUREWhat is the cost structure of the business model?What resources or activities will be the main cost items? REVENUE MODELWhat is the revenue model?For what and how do your Customers pay?